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The Stardrift Trilogy I & II: A Stargazer's Question & Beyond the Ecliptic
Two thousand years ago, Divizah's most hated prophet left the planet petrified with his last great enigma. The prediction was forgotten by most, but at the heart of Divizah's irresistibly powerful regime, the riddle still haunts the planet's volatile young tyrant.

Yet even he doesn't expect the threat to arise in the form of a young girl from the only planet that seems to have no stake in the outcome. After a decade of bloodshed that left most of the galactic arm vanquished and terrorized, Dahskay Onlore, an astronomer's daughter, noticed something was not right.

And now…a star is dying.
The Stardrift Trilogy III: End of the Saros
Returning from a devastating conflict that forced them to retreat to Finzar, Dahskay and Trotha find themselves where they left off. Choosing to face the danger among themselves for the good of a doomed solar system, Dahskay continues to watch the events of the ancient prophesy unfold.

  But she is not the only one watching. While most of the Divizin regime is unsuspecting of the impending disruption of their lethal plot, the man at the heart of it all is not easily eluded. But could it all be coincidence?
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COMING SOON! Dronefall (Book One of the Dronefall Series)

Halcyon Slavic is a Christian and a drone-tracker, relying on her independence and society’s apathy to live life her own way. As long as she keeps her faith private, she’s free to believe what she wants. But her second life monitoring Budapest’s massive system of surveillance drones is a short fuse.
  When a drone appears at her window one night, she knows the fuse is lit, and abandons mainstream society to fight back against the eyes in the sky. But her new life hits her with more than she bargained for. She finds herself hiding in a semi-secret community of Christians who simply want to live upright lives away from the world’s lies and suspicion. These saints of the slums want nothing to do with reckless anti-government fanatics who spend their nights sniping the city’s drones out of the sky. Halcyon hides a double-edged secret.
  And her hunter has followed her. Can Halcyon manage balancing her new life in a strange community while keeping one eye on the sky? Or will she be caught unawares by this elusive and secret threat from the airspace over her only place of refuge?

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