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Friday, May 24, 2019

Introducing Writing for Christ

Okay, guys. I’ve got a blog series in store for you. I’ve outlined eight posts on topics I think every Christian fiction writer will find useful. All the topics respond to issues I commonly find in Christian fiction—and hear other readers complaining about. I’d be delighted if you would join me for the next however many weeks this ends up taking us, to get a fresh look at our call as Christian fiction writers.

I’ve designed each post to minimize musing and fluff and maximize new material and practical advice to think outside the box and actually improve your fiction over the course of the series. There will be bullet-points, I promise.

The topics we’ll cover range from the usual things like the challenges of keeping content clean and making your book a story, not a sermon, to things we discuss less often like how to fairly and accurately represent non-Christian characters and remembering the pastors and clerical figures can be complete acting characters too. We’ll talk about showing conversion and character-change realistically and if and how the full Gospel should be spelled out in the book. I’ve done a lot of exploring on these topics and am eager to share my findings with you.

So, you might want to subscribe if you haven’t yet. And also, I would love to get some feedback and discussion going during this series. I’m sure these are topics you’ve considered and have plenty of insight of your own to share. Your questions and comments would add a great deal of value to the whole experience for everybody. Feel free to talk back.

Who’s in?

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