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Happy New Year! Goals, giveaways, etc.

Well, here it is. I can't believe we're now in the last year before the 20's roar back around. It's going to get weird, you know. We have such strong images of what the 20's 30's 40's etc. represent that I don't think anybody alive is really ready to adjust to the new millennium and a whole new round of decades by the same names. Or am I the only one who freaks out about things like that? But anyway. This is going to be kind of a quick mishmash post. I'm just typing it up after work here at the library. Might as well. I've got a giveaway to publicize and I thought I might announce some semi-formal-ish reading and writing goals for 2019. My artistic goals are really ambitious and I'm not going to write them all out here. Crazy stuff even outside of my writing life. Things involving producing two or three tin whistle CDs and learning digital art. I'll be pretty excited if I even get half of this stuff done. But first off... Reading