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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Still Alive After Nine Days

100k/40d day: 9

Total word count: 10,038

Status: lagging 12,462 words

Well, to my credit, this is how you’re supposed to start a story—a comfortable while after its actual beginning and with the protagonist already in major trouble. 12,462 words behind? Do you know what that would do to some people’s blood pressure?

I’ve heard people on NaNoWriMo forums freak out about lagging by 1,000 words—just for scale.

Luckily, I have naturally low blood-pressure to start with, and am not particularly concerned. Here’s a little math.  Even if I wrote no more today, and nothing at all tomorrow, when November hit, I would still only need to write 2,998.7 words a day to clear 100k by 11/30. That, for me is still only about 2.9 hours a day at the keyboard.

Okay, somebody take this calculator away from me. I have the nasty habit of mathematically justifying procrastination.

But that’s the numbers. So, how’s the actual book going? Not horribly. I’m in chapter three. I’m busy foreshadowing plot point one, which is due in chapter five. It is, by far, going to be the most intense first plot point I have ever used in the series so far. It’s going to have dramatic effect on the whole rest of the series. I’m very excited.

So, don’t pretend you don’t know me yet. If you keep watching, you will see me catch up. I’ll try to keep you better posted than I did for the first 9 days, as well.

Signing off.

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