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Like Chimes in the Wind

I thought I would share a poem of  mine with you today, anticipating the release of my poetry book Songs from the Small Hours, and celebrating the turn of the seasons. (Fall is coming!) Like Chimes in the Wind Then autumn took hold as bloodlessly as rain from off the eaves a still morning broke   the circulation changed inside the leaves Like chimes in the wind Like yellow warblers dancing in the light Like voices through fog Like hidden thrushes singing in the night The taste of the air Was like a stream from deep inside the rocks And in every tree The nervous feathers gathered into flocks And then came the hush Of wonder at the blue behind the gray And smoke on the breeze And as you breathe it in, it fades away Like chimes on the wind

A Long-Expected Surprise

Guys! Guys! I have an announcement to make. Some of you might be able to guess it, but some of you won’t, so you’ll have to read on. But not very far, because I’ll get right to the point. Dronefall is at last and finally available on Kindle. I caved and got professional formatting help, and Victoria Lynn did very well for a very reasonable price. I know a lot of people are hesitant to buy paperbacks. Even avid readers. Maybe even especially avid readers. Book-money is scarce, shelf-space is precious real estate and to almost everyone, I’m an unknown author. But a lot of risk just got removed. It’s going for 99c right now. So, if you’re curious at all, you might want to swipe it while it’s cheaper than practically everything. If you’re ready to grab it right now, here's the link. Not ready yet? Okay… here's the link again.   Alright, I’ll stop. But the fact that you are now able to hit a button and in seconds drop into a world I have been isolated in for uncoun