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Introducing "The Art of Lightplay"

  I’ve finished the first draft of a new novel. This novel is a bit of a land-mark, being about thirty-thousand words longer than my previous record-holder, “End of the Saros.” I can’t remember when I started it—I don’t keep track of dates, but I know it didn’t actually feel like it took forever—which is probably a good sign.     Here’s a quick run-down of the stats of “The Art of Lightplay” as of now.   Length: 139,826 words   Genre: Hard to say. Gothic/alternative reality/fantasy/sci-fi…?   Audience: mostly Christian Young Adult   Stage of production: first editing round   Hopeful Release Time: September 2016   “The Art of Lightplay” Synopsis: The only strange thing about Fiireah’s quiet island life seems to have finally settled in her past, until she goes to explore a deserted neighboring island and discovers that things are not always how they appear. There, three young recluses have set themselves apart from the world to devote their time to th