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A Word on Editing

First of all, happy Halloween. So. I’m in the process of publishing my first trilogy, as you know. Since I was going to be putting a lot of time (it won’t be available until March of ’15) and money (I’m subsidy publishing, so I’m out $2,000) into the project, I thought it would be in my best interest to produce the best possible product in the end. I decided I would look into purchasing line-editing from my publishers.   Then, I found out that to line-edit my whole trilogy would cost me $8,000. In a words “no”. The company admits that is pretty over-priced. A standard line-editing job costs about $2.50 a page, which, for my rather large manuscript comes to around $1,500. That’s a lot, but it isn’t $8,000. If the manuscript wasn’t a whole trilogy even my publishing company’s price might not kill anybody, but when it comes to line editing, here’s a hint.   You know somebody who can do it.   I’ve handed the job over to my parents and siblings. All you have to do to catch t

"Realistic" Dialogue

For me, one of the hardest things to master has been the art of writing dialogue. This comes up all the time in discussions of writing. Despite the fact that we hear and engage in dialogue every day, when it comes to putting it down on paper, we tend to give up on writing and set to drawing something called a blank instead.   Readers often complain that dialogue that is poorly written in a novel sounds unrealistic. That is often the case. Try reading a bad section of dialogue aloud. If you can even get the inflection right, it’s not too far gone. Some dialogue is so unnatural that you can’t even tell what’s supposed to be coming across. Dialogue is a terrible thing to botch.   So, what makes dialogue sound right? There isn’t a definite set of dos and don’ts here, a lot of it depends. Check out my previous post on character voices for further discussion on this. There are a few things, however that should be avoided in conversational dialogue.   Be careful with sentence-str

Publishing Update

I'll break from my fiction advice series for a moment to tell you that I'm still hard at work on subsidy publishing my first three novels, The Stardrift Trilogy . I'm not absolutely certain that I would advise subsidy publishing after what I've been through, but on the other hand, I've run up against a great deal of unfortunate flukes in the process that people with normal luck might never encounter.   I've actually had to switch publishing companies in the middle of everything. I'm pretty sure we're getting back on track, but I imagine it won't be until at least December before the trilogy is finally released. This process is supposed to take about four months and it's taken me over a year. Typical.   My enthusiasm to see my work made available to the public is undiminished, through it all. This blog is going to get a bit more meaningful, (and hopefully, a bit more traffic) once I can start using it to discuss themes and nuances of my novels.