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Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Half-Hearted Fling at Explanation

I bid you velcome. This blog is actually an author blog in disguise. Don't worry, I won't be pushing my books in your face five times in every single post. The material you discover here should be of interest regardless of whether you ever intend to read my novels in this life. Eventually, there will be links to my Amazon page etc. available, but don't feel commercial-mugged.
  I have written a soon-to-be-published sci-fi trilogy called Stardrift. Actually, I've written about five and a half novels, but I'm not as certain of the marketability of my current trilogy. You'll here more on Stardrift later, when it comes out.
  Other features of this blog will include some of my original poetry and art, which may or may not be at all related to my larger body of literary work. One final note: the time between posts on this blog will be irregular, so keep on your toes. I'll try to post once a week at the least, but I warn you, I live a very uncertain life.

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